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Effective Options for the Beers Now

Summer rhymes with camping, relaxation, conviviality … and as the means of the edge are often limited, with plan B! And with family or friends, on the beach as in the countryside, there is a scourge that affects 80% of our fellow citizens on their vacation spot: how to keep his beer cool when you’re in the middle of nature?

Because we agree with you, out of the question of being on vacation without being able to enjoy aperitifs worthy of the name. No to hot beer! No to discrimination of flavors!

And to remedy the problem, we have two solutions:

Go out on the street to shout our displeasure or read the tips that follow to continue enjoying the summer with confidence

Your Beer Stays Fresh With Paper or Wet Cloth

Our simplest tip: you do not have a fridge, but you always have a roll of toilet paper, paper towels or a T-shirt on hand. Wrap your bottles of paper or wet cloth (the more it gets wet, the longer your beers will stay cool!) And wait for the water to evaporate a little.

How it works?

It is as good as your own body. When you’re hot, you sweat, and by evaporating, this perspiration uses heat on the surface of the body. This process helps to bring down the temperature. For beer, it’s a bit the same phenomenon that occurs!

You Can Also Put Your Beer In A Stream

If you’re lucky enough to be ready by a river, lake or beach, get a yarn (or, failing that, your laces), attach your beers to a trunk or a big one pebble and immerse them in the cool water. If the soil allows it, you can simply bury your bottles enough to prevent the current from taking them away. You may also take the support of the Custom Stubby Holders¬†to keep it cool.

And For the Budding Macgyver: Improvising An Emergency Cooler

A handy tip when you want to keep a whole beer pack cool! To do this, you need: the packaging box for your bottles, a plastic bag filled with ice cubes, and of course beers. Are you ready?

  • Cut out the top side of the box with a cutter
  • Remove beer bottles from their packaging
  • Remove the ice cubes from the plastic bag, and place the bag in the box
  • Put the beers back in the box
  • Arrange the ice cubes among the bottles
  • To protect your drinks from the sun, cover them with the top side of the packaging box
  • Go on a picnic with peace of mind.